Boiler Maintenance, Service, Repair and Replacement

Is your house equipped with a boiler?  No need to worry, our technicians have tons of experience servicing, cleaning, and replacing boiler systems.  We understand that your boiler is an integral part of your household, our job is to make sure it will not let you down!  DeLong and sons HVAC can service any type of boiler; gas or oil but when it comes to replacing a system we trust New Yorker and Navien boilers!  

Maintaining Your Boiler

Just like any other part of your heating or air conditioning unit they still need regular maintenance!  We will always make sure that your system is properly maintained to make sure no unexpected breakdowns occur.  To keep your boiler running at premium operation annual cleaning and tune-up is a necessity.  

Our technicians will check the following items during a regular tune up:

  • Inspect around and under your boiler for water
  • Check temperature and pressure readings
  • Check for error and service codes
  • Make sure he vent termination is unobstructed
  • Inspect the combustion air opening for blockages
  • Listen for unusual noises or vibrations from equipment
  • Inspect the combustion air piping and flue gas vent piping
  • Inspect the relief valve discharge pipe and boiler relief valve
  • Inspect the condensate drain line, PVC fittings, drain system and drain trap
  • Inspect boiler hydronic piping
  • Inspect burner flame
  • Clean and inspect heat exchanger
  • Check all boiler connections and wiring
  • Check pH levels are within proper range
  • Examine and clean flame sensor, ignitor and burner assembly
  • Inspect the venting system for deterioration, corrosion or blockages
  • Inspect vent terminations and air inlet for obstruction
  • Check control setting and test safety controls and operating controls
Boiler Service Berks County