Heat Pumps

Heat pumps are the perfect solution to keep your home the perfect temperature regardless of the season! They provide an energy-efficient way to heat and cool your home. A heat pump creates the perfect indoor air temperature no matter what’s happening with the weather outside.  Even better, it can do that without being a drain on the wallet! Heat pumps are perfect for so many situations! They are great for older homes, including homes without ductwork. They also solve the problem of hard-to-heat-and-cool areas of your home, so every room feels just right.  Heat pumps are the perfect two for one deal! They will be able to heat your home during our cold Pennsylvania winters and then provide the perfect air conditioning during our hot and humid summers!

Our goal here at DeLong and Sons HVAC is to make sure we are installing the perfect system for your home’s needs! One of our experienced technicians will come out and determine the best option for you. 

We install both AirEase and Fujitsu heat pumps, so our extremely knowledgeable technicians will determine which brand checks off all the boxes for your home!

Your heat pump system will still need annual service to prevent unexpected breakdowns, and our team can provide top notch maintenance to your system!  Heat pumps still need annual maintenance right before the heating season and then again right before air conditioning season.  

During an annual maintenance check our technicians thoroughly inspect the entire system and can catch a potential issue with the system before it becomes a big problem.  Our goal is to always make sure your system is in tip top shape so our customers do not have an experience and unexpected breakdown.  In addition, regularly maintained heat pump systems ensure your system is using the least amount of energy possible.  Keeping your system running efficiently keeps more money in your pockets! Systems that aren’t maintained properly can cause other household bills to go up such as heating oil, gas, and electric usage.  Annual maintenance also extends the life of your heat pump! Maintaining the system can help prevent having to prematurely replace your heat pump system.  Each time our technicians come out for annual maintenance checks they thoroughly review your system to make sure it is running in the best possible condition all year around.  We also offer Comfort Amenity Plans for heat pump systems so our homeowner’s do not need to worry about a thing!