Who is DeLong and Sons HVAC? 

When we say this is a family owned and operated company it really is true.  Justin DeLong is the owner of the company, he has over 15 years of industry training and experience.  Im sure you are curious as to who puts the ‘Sons’ in DeLong and Sons. That would be Justin’s two boys, Kayl and Sawyer DeLong!  They are currently only 11 and 7, but both kids enjoy working with their dad and tagging along for jobs!  We have the hope that one or both of them will continue operating DeLong and Sons when it is time for Justin to retire. 

The cool thing though, Justin’s wife Amber also helps within the company!  She takes care of the office work, responding to emails, and sending out copies of receipts and contracts.  We really strive to make sure our customers feel like family with us! Our slogan goes: Let our Family take care of your Family!  We really believe in that saying, and strive to make sure that is how we run every job!! The DeLong family sincerely thanks every one of our customers for putting their trust in us, we appreciate all of you!