Introduction: Shoemakersville, Pennsylvania, a quaint borough in Berks County, is home to many hidden gems. Among these is Rico Casa, a local business that has become a beloved fixture in the community. This article explores the history, offerings, and significance of Rico Casa in Shoemakersville. Learn more here.

A Family Legacy

Rico Casa is not just a business; it’s a family legacy. Founded by the Riccardo family, the industry has been serving the Shoemakersville community for over three decades. The Riccardo family’s commitment to quality and service has earned them a cherished place in the hearts of locals. Learn more about Fiore’s Italian Restaurant Bar & Pizzeria: A Culinary Gem in Shoemakersville, PA.

Handcrafted Excellence

At Rico Casa, craftsmanship is key. Specializing in custom upholstery and furniture restoration, their skilled artisans breathe new life into old furniture. With a keen eye for detail and a passion for their craft, the team at Rico Casa ensures that every piece they work on is a work of art.

Community Involvement

Beyond their excellent services, Rico Casa is deeply involved in the local community. They frequently support community events, charities, and school programs, strengthening their bonds with Shoemakersville residents.

A Sustainable Approach

Rico Casa is also committed to sustainability. They use eco-friendly materials and practices in their upholstery work, reducing the environmental impact of their services. This commitment to green practices resonates with the environmentally conscious Shoemakersville community.

Preserving History

One of Rico Casa’s most remarkable contributions to the community is its role in preserving local history. Restoring antique furniture, they help maintain the rich heritage of Shoemakersville and its surrounding areas. Their work extends beyond craftsmanship; it’s a preservation of stories and traditions.


Rico Casa in Shoemakersville, PA, is more than just a local business; it’s a testament to the enduring spirit of community, craftsmanship, and sustainability. As it continues to thrive and serve the residents of Shoemakersville, Rico Casa remains a treasured gem in the heart of this charming borough.